What Are The Benefits Of Hurricane Resistant Windows?

Most of us have seen pictures or read in newspapers about the damage done by hurricanes and storms to buildings and homes in areas of South Florida such as Fort Lauderdale. It devastates the lives of individuals,not just through its destruction of property, but also hurts them mentally and emotionally. This is why many people look at ways, to minimize the damage caused by natural disasters. One of the ways of protecting yourself and your home from storms and hurricanes is by using hurricane proof windows. These windows form a protective barrier against debris and storm. Since they are available in several shapes and sizes, you can easily find one that matches the decor of your home.  Broward county residents can visit Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale Twitter to find educational articles about these high tech windows.


Hurricane windows or impact resistant windows are made using impact glass that contains a layer of polyvinyl butaryl (PVB) between two glass slabs. The most effective hurricane resistant window is the one that contains an inner membrane window.Even if the storm resistant window shatters on impact, it will still remain attached to the inner membrane. Some people use shatter resistant film to cover the storm proof windows. This makes the glass stronger and prevents it from shattering.

What are the benefits of storm resistant windows?

There are several benefits of using impact windows in your home and office.

Some important benefits include:

Hurricane and Burglary Protection

Installing storm windows will provide 24-hour protection from hurricanes. These residential windows can withstand storm winds up to 220 miles per hour. Also,when you install these replacement windows, you don’t have to go through the hassles of fixing and removing storm panels. These window replacement not only protect your home from hurricanes, but also protect you and your family against burglaries. Since hurricane windows are using a PVB interlayer, it is extremely difficult to break the glass.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Using these windows in your home and office can help in bringing down your utility bills.Most hurricane resistant doors and windows use heavy-duty aluminum frames with double-glazed panels that make them more energy efficient. Today, many homeowners prefer big panoramic openings in their homes. These opening provide uninterrupted viewing, but they can increase utility bills because of high sun exposure. If you use single-glazed panels, cold or heat will transfer from the outside to the inside of your home, which will increase utility bills. In contrast, hurricane impact windows have excellent insulating capabilities.These windows can help in isolating your home from weather changes and contribute in reducing your utility bills.

Discount on insurance premium

Hurricane doors and windows have been recognized as an effective protection system against windstorm. If all the impact doors and windows of your home are protected by these doors & windows, you can get up to 45 percent discount on the insurance premium. This will help in reducing the effective cost of installing these windows.

Noise Reduction

Hurricane resistant doors or windows can help in reducing outdoor noise significantly.Many homeowners, who have installed these windows, are of the opinion that noise reduction has helped in bringing quite environment inside their property. These windows are especially useful for homeowners who live near busy highways and intersections. 

UV Protection

Impact windows fort Lauderdale can block 99 percent of transmitted UV light. This protects your valuable interiors like the expensive rugs, memorable photographs, and exquisite flooring from the harmful effects of UV light. When these items are exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged duration, it can cause discoloring or fading. This feature is especially beneficial for people living in places that have direct sunlight throughout the year. These windows act like sunscreen for your home, blocking the harmful UV rays without affecting visibility.

Long Lasting

When you get impact doors or windows for your home or office, you are actually buying peace of mind. Even though these windows are expensive when compared to normal windows, the higher price you pay is offset by their durability. Most manufacturers are offering a warranty of up to 5 years on installation labor and a warranty of 10 years on the product. This means that for at least 10years, you don’t have to worry about changing your windows.

Bottom Line

These widows are extremely strong and can withstand the toughest weather with ease. In some states, you are eligible for tax breaks if you install these windows. However,make sure they meet all your needs and pass all the required resistance tests before you install them in your home or commercial building.