About Us

It is a good practice for everyone to practically prepare for hurricanes. Boarding up someone’s home, buying canned goods, stocking up the batteries, water and perhaps other required supplies, makes an environment where you will be at ease while waiting for the storm to pass. It is one of the known ways to cut down hurricanes unwanted repercussions. However, it’s vital to consider impact windows and doors to ensure that you are fully protected during the hurricane season. It is important to ensure that your family is protected from high flying debris carried by hurricane’s strong winds. This will make you and your family spirits dwell in a cool home over the years with precious memories created and a safe feeling while staying in the comfort of your home. This is why it is our pleasure to provide impact hurricane resistant window and door installation and afterwards support for our customers. It is a paramount goal of our expert team to protect your family during hurricane seasons.

When storm resistant windows and doors are installed, there is nothing left to worry about or doubt about your safety. We approach every project while installing impact doors and windows with a sense of pride and ownership in our workmanship that we can promise you to count on. This is the basis that we have realized our foundation through learning and creating strong and long lasting relationships with customers whom we have worked with in the past.

We encourage you to go through our website and take a look at hurricane proof windows & doors and other products that we carry and install. Rest assured that we are here to serve you and every product we offer is designed to pass all of the stringent building codes. In addition, the materials we offer are elegant, strong and beyond your expectations in protecting your home when hurricane season strikes.